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Mission and Values

Our Mission is simple -- we protect your assets and keep you compliant in an industry with complex and ever-changing regulations. 


Business owners are dedicated and hard working, but limitations of staff and budgets can lead to concerns which become major issues if ignored.   The American economy is bouncing back after Covid and the trucking industry is part of its return.  Keeping your trucks rolling in compliance within the CSA/SMS system is a job that cannot be taken lightly. Small outfits can find themselves in trouble very quickly.  M.S.C. can offer the guidance to move scores lower and keep them there.  We can provide the procedures and policies that will insure that whomever is in charge of your safety department will  handle compliance issues correctly.

Values & Culture

  1. Accountability – Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies. 

  2. Balance – Taking a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  3. Commitment – Committing to great product, service, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization.

  4. Empowerment – Encouraging clients to take initiative and give the best. Adopting an error-embracing environment to empower their staff to lead and make decisions that benefit the company in every way with an emphasis on Safety.

  5. Innovation – Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the way things were once done and to look outside of the box.

  6. Integrity – Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth

  7. Ownership – Taking care of the customers as they were our family.

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