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Mock Audit

Mock Compliance Audits

MSC  will come to your place of business and audit your operation for compliance with both federal (CSA) and state motor carrier regulations. We will verify both your operational compliance and your documentation to regulatory or enforcement agency requirements. If deficiencies are discovered, we will assist you in establishing policies and procedures to prevent future violations.

  • Do you maintain complete driver qualification files?

  • Driving/employment history data in DQ files?

  • Are you using any disqualified drivers?

  • Can you produce records of duty status and supporting documents?

  • Do you have a disciplinary policy for Part 395?

  • Are you conducting random alcohol and controlled substance testing at required rates?

  • Can you produce maintenance files for requested vehicles?

  • Evidence of periodic inspections?

  • Are you using qualified inspectors?

And if you’re transporting hazardous materials:

  • Do you provide haz-mat training for your drivers?

  • Do your haz-mat training materials cover the minimum required elements?

  • Are your shipping papers properly prepared?

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