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Safety Management Plan 

What is a Safety Management Plan?

After the D.O.T. has completed their review they will issue a list of “recommendations” and “notice of claim” if they have found deficiencies within your company.  These problems will have to be outlined within a “Safety Management Plan” or SMP for submission to the Department of Transportation. The SMP will outline and document the solutions put in place to ensure compliance with the regulations as per 49 CFR, 385.17. The SMP will need to be forwarded to State and Federal levels of the D.O.T.

Carriers that receive an "Unsatisfactory" rating must cease operations in 45 days (passenger or HM carriers) or 60 days (non-HAZMAT carriers) if a Safety Management Plan is not submitted and accepted by the F.M.C.S.A. in compliance of 49 CFR, Part 385.17.

M.S.C. will work directly with the F.M.C.S.A. to outline the condition of the review or intervention that resulted in your company receiving a conditional or unsatisfactory rating and develop a Safety Management Plan (SMP) that will be acceptable to the F.M.C.S.A.

Miles Safety Consulting will show that corrections have been made to the compliance process, along with complete documentation the evidence and develop a Safety Management Plan to present to the F.M.C.S.A.

A well prepared SMP will save your company time and money.  Plans submitted that are not well crafted and do not meet the recommendation standards will be rejected without an explanation.  M.S.C will provide everything your company will need to receive an upgrade in as little time as possible.

Fine Negotiation and Reductions

It is possible for your fines from an audit to be reduced based on your particular case.  First time audits can usually be negotiated depending on the severity of the review.  We will work directly the F.M.C.S.A. Field Offices in Lansing Michigan along with the Mid-West Service Center to get your fine reduced as much as possible with plausible reasons to lower the fine.

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      Safety Management Plans

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