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DOT New Entrant Audit 

What is a D.O.T. New Entrant Audit?

FMCSA's New Entrant Program monitors motor carriers' compliance with safety regulations for their first 18 months. This website explains the program and requirements to help carriers operate safely on our roads.

The first thing an auditor wants to see is that you have a system in place to keep you in compliance with all DOT regulations. Our simple systems helps you gather all the information you need to successfully pass your New Entrant Safety Audit.

Within one year after you receive your Motor Carrier Authority, the DOT will contact you with a notice to schedule a New Entrant Safety Audit.  Don’t ignore this notice, it won’t go away. Call us first so we can start the process of insuring your company is adequately prepared.  During the audit the DOT will meet with you to review your safety files and records which can  last anywhere from one to four hours.

Let us Help!

We know you are busy hauling loads, so let us take this load for you. After gathering information from you, we will build your folders. There will be some information that you will need to insert in the folders after you receive them from us, such as power unit and trailer maintenance records and log books. If you choose this option you should have no trouble passing the audit.

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