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Required FMCSA Paperwork

MSC can custom tailor a complete line of compliant paperwork for Department of Transportation for any size company. Our services are reliable, affordable and have been developed by some of the leading transportation safety specialists in the industry. Just because you may have smaller operation doesn’t mean you can’t have the protection and quality paperwork that the majors do. 

Transportation is one of the most litigious industries in the United States and being securely covered against potential lawsuits depends on your due diligence within your drivers files.  D.Q. files are pretty simple and meet the minimums for the F.M.C.S.A but there is a lot more than just meeting general requirement.

Drivers Qualification files are just the start in protecting your fleet. 

  • MVR’s

  • Application for employment

  • Previous employer inquiries

  • Previous driving history

  • Supervisor reviews

  • Training log

Our Drug and Alcohol policy will cover every aspect of 49 CFR Part 40. Many companies overlook the importance of a strong drug and alcohol policy.  Anytime a driver is involved in an accident he or she may be tested and the results could determine possible future litigation.  Any loophole left open could turn a minor accident into a million dollar claim. Is your D& A policy compliant? Does it address CBD and the legalization of marijuana laws in many states? If it doesn't we can help by suppling a vetted policy screened by transportation lawyers and insurance companies alike.  

With 91% of the trucking companies at 10 trucks or less sometimes there isn’t a full time Safety Professional on site but with MSC on board we will provide a proven system of Policies and Procedures which if followed by everyone will ensure your company runs the same as multi-million dollar operation.  We can tailor make new, crisp, clean, compliant paperwork with company logo’s saved in PDF printable forms for all of  your company's  needs.  Do it right, it will pay off very quickly.

·  Policies & Procedures Development

·  Fleet Safety & Operation Policies & Procedure Development

·  Process Improvement

·  Records Management

·  Special Technical or Creative Writing Projects

·  Employee Handbooks

Email me for a sample of our application and other paper work

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