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FMCSA Compliance Review

What is a DOT Compliance Review? 

The first thing an auditor wants to see is that you have a system in place to keep you in compliance with2 the DOT regulations.  Audits are never easy but you can be prepared.

You have probably heard it referred to by many names, DOT Audit, F.M.C.S.A. Safety Audit and you have probably asked yourself, what is a compliance audit?  Officially, it is called a Compliance Review and it’s used to determine a motor carrier’s safety fitness. As part of the compliance review, a Federal or State Safety Investigator will typically complete an on-site examination of your operations.

There are many DOT Audit requirements; the DOT Audit will cover such things as driver’s hours of service, vehicle maintenance and inspection, driver qualification files, drug and alcohol testing, commercial driver license requirements, financial responsibility, accidents, hazardous material (if applicable), commercial/economic regulations (if applicable), safety management controls, operational performance, and U.S. regulatory compliance. F.M.C.S.A’.s Division Offices and/or State Offices are responsible for calling the carrier to schedule a mutually agreeable time and location for conducting the DOT Safety Audit. When the inspector calls to schedule your compliance review they will generally schedule the visit within two to 14 days.

What can trigger a DOT Compliance Review? There are many reasons DOT Audits may be required, one of the most common is poor C.S.A. BASIC Scores.  Other reasons include: a carrier’s request to change a safety rating, to investigate potential violations of safety regulations, to investigate complaints, or other evidence of safety violations.

How do I prepare for the review? DOT Audit preparation is critical.  We will work together to insure compliance from the bottom up.  If there is a problem that we can fix before your audit we’ll get it done if it takes all night and all day, all weekend, you get the point.  Understanding what an Investigator is going to look for is key and well do all we can to clean house before your audit.

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